New Music- The Hubbards release infectious new track ‘Just Touch’

If you are yet to hear of the The Hubbards, you are missing out. Having just dropped a beauty of a new track, ‘Just Touch’, the born and bred Hull lads  are the ones to watch out for this year as they climb their way  higher and higher up the indie music scene.

With the song kicking in straight away with choppy  bass strings, groovy guitar chords, a delicious drum beat, and the melodious vocals of front man Reuben, the echoing dreamy lyrics ‘I can do what you want me to just reach out and touch me’ pull you in right from the off. As the song cracking song progresses, all elements of the band merge together in a  frenzy of musical goodness, making it impossible not to catch yourself tapping along to the lads infectious rhythm.

‘Just Touch’ presents the sheer talent of this small town band, and is just one example as to why these lads will be blasting out off your radio in the months to come!

You can download ‘Just Touch’ at the end of this month on the 31st of March, or check them out on their tour of the UK this March and April! Don’t miss out!



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INTERVIEW: Joe Symes and the Loving Kind

I spoke to Liverpudlian trio Joe Symes and the Loving Kind, about their favourite gigs and their new album.

Can you introduce yourselves and tell us how you all met?

[Joe]: I’m Joe, Singer/songwriter/harmonica player of the band. Myself & Colin have been friends for many years now and we played in a few different bands in the city, Andy joined the band through an advertisement when we needed a bass player.
[Colin]: I’m Colin the drummer/percussionist and backing vocalist. As Joe said, we’ve know each other for years through previous things we done. We met Andy through an add we put up.
[Andy]: I’m Andy, and I’m the bass player. I met the lads by chance. I found myself between bands, so was looking to get playing quick and found an ad looking  for a bass player urgently. I thought, “That’s a bit of me,” and the rest is history.

Last year you played Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Aftershow Party, how did that feel ?

[Colin]: Always great to play a venue like the 02. We suit those venues right down to the ground.
[Joe]: Yeah it was awesome to headline the main stage of the 02 Academy 1 again in Liverpool and to be asked play at his aftershow party for a second time.
[Andy]: Yeah, it was good to be involved in it.

Where do you get inspiration for your songs?

[Joe]: The songs come from experience and everyday events for me, sometimes even talking to someone
can trigger off an influence for a song, all kinds of idea’s just come from nowhere.
[Andy]: I couldn’t say really. I play a part that feels right for the song, so I would say me. Ha! Ha!
[Colin]: I always say you are what you eat.

How would you describe your music?

[Andy]: I’d say it was an eclectic mix of styles with a backbone of rock and roll.
[Colin]: Heavy Pop……..well that’s what we’re doing at the moment.
[Joe]: Very honest, we can be very diverse when we need to be, sometimes you would not think we are the same band cause our song writing style changes.

Your new album is coming out later this year, what can we expect from it?

[Joe]: A total departure from our self titled debut album, our first album was an introduction of what we can do
as a band and the range of songs we can present as a band. Our new album will be an out & out rocker. catchy pop songs, melodies & heavy guitar riffs.
[Colin]: As I said, Heavy Pop.
[Andy]: VOLUME!

Who are your musical influences?

[Colin]: My drumming influences are people like John Densmore, Ringo, Art Blakey, Daru Jones, Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, Gene Krupa, Phil Collins, Carla Azar, to name a few. 
[Andy]: I grew up listening to Guns N Roses, and Pink Floyd to name a few, so I’d say that Duff McKagan and Roger Waters. I know, opposite ends of the scale. A bit like myself. Ha! Ha! 
[Joe]: Mine are The Beatles first & foremost, i have loads of band’s i could list from the likes of The Velvet Underground to The Who to Motown through to Burt Bacharach, Sex Pistols, The Jam to name a few.

Where can people find your music?

[Joe]: You can find us at our official website which is where you can find up to date information on up & coming gigs, new releases & up & coming releases, merchandise.
[Colin]: We are also on Facebook, Reverbnation, Youtube.
[Andy]: Twitter, Fit4talent, Gigmit.

You’ve supported some pretty great bands and scored some great events, but what was the greatest gig you’ve ever played?

[Joe]: I’ve enjoyed all the gigs we have played up to now, i’m looking forward to playing many more.
[Colin]: Oooh, that’s a tough one. So many to name. 
[Andy]: Phew! There’s been so many. I think Glastonbury or the Whisky A Go Go are in joint top though.
Catch the guys on tour:
17265013_10213098103635019_5373578486269473502_n (2)

LIVE REVIEW: VANT at O2 Academy Oxford

After the release of their first album ‘DUMB BLOOD’, VANT toured the UK and Ireland, with 12 dates in the short space of two weeks.

I was lucky enough to catch them in Oxford on a rainy Sunday evening, however in their own words from the night “[the crowd] made it feel like a Saturday night”.  The opening act were @blackfoxxes , who livened up the crowd with their alt-rock vibes.

Finally VANT appeared onstage and opened their set with the upbeat and lively Fly-By Alien, and as the opening chords were played the crowd went crazy!  The energy in the room was ecstatic.  The four-piece band played a mix of their well known and well loved songs as well as new songs from their recently released album ‘Dumb Blood’.  Fan favourites like Karma Seeker, Do You Know Me? and Peace & Love.


I loved how energetic the crowd was and you could tell that everyone loved this band because of their political and social outspoken messages.  The band’s lyrics are so passionate and raise awareness of issues dealing with global warming, war and conflict.


VANT finished with Do You Know Me? then returned to the stage with a two song encore featuring Time & Money and Parking Lot.  By the end of the night everyone was a bit worn out but you could feel the adrenaline in the atmosphere.  It’s fair to say that the rain Sunday night certainly felt like a Saturday!

Follow VANT here:




Words by Jodie Aikman – @jodiejxssica

Circa Waves play set in HMV Liverpool

Liverpool four piece Circa Waves played a short acoustic set in HMV Liverpool One to promote the release of their new album ‘Different Creatures’.

The band’s second LP features singles ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Fire That Burns’ and the album emphasises the growth of Circa Waves since their debut album in 2015.

Frontman Kieran Shudhall led a short question and answer, revealing his favourite song from the album is ‘Out On My Own’, bass guitarist Sam Rourke’s favourite Beatle is George, too.

They played:

Goodbye, Fire That Burns, Old Friends, T-Shirt Weather.

The band stayed to sign copies of their new album, released last Friday and I got chance to ask them a very important question:

So lads, you’re albums had a few listeners over the weekend, but who in the world would you most like to be singing Different Creatures in the shower?

Sam: (I’d barely finished the question) Tom Jones, yep, Tom Jones

Colin: Tom Waits..?

Joe: Tom Jones is a good one!

Kieran: (mulling over his answer) Dave Grohl for me, air guitar and all.

Colin: Tom Hanks!

So if you’re reading, Tom Hanks, you can find the album on Spotify here.

That’s all I have to say about that.


When I heard this track for the first time all I could think of was how I had never caught wind of these Yorkshire lads before. I’m not really sure how they’ve managed to pass me by, none the less I’ve found them now and I must say they’re just what I’ve been looking for.

The track starts off deep with low and slow vocals from lead singer Matthew Riley accompanied by a rumbling bass line from Louis Taylor. A layering of more upbeat guitar riffs slowly burst into a catchy chorus, which in my opinion is a total belter. I’m getting whiffs of Sundara Karma the further we progress into the track, but more so Catfish and the Bottlemen. Courtyards seem to take from their influences and use them in a tasteful way, so it doesn’t just sound like a discarded Van McCann demo. They’ve definitely got their melody down to a ‘T’ and you would find it very difficult to not get this track replaying in your head.courtyards

As we look past the general sound of this piece and delve deeper into the lyrics there’s something really special there. Courtyards have managed to capture young love in a way most bands try to do for years, in an honest and refreshing way. The band told us that ‘Firelight’ is “a story most people can relate to about young love, becoming infatuated with a girl and the feelings not being mutual at least initially… but there’s a little bit of hope there.” I for one am looking forward to following these guys for the rest of the year, things can only go up!

If you like the sound of all this, listen to ‘Firelight’ here:

They’ve also got a nice video up for the track that you can watch here:

Photos courtesy of band’s Facebook and Devon Round.

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INTRODUCING: Strangewave

Indie-rock quartet STRANGEWAVE are set to release their brand new single Out All Night later this month.

The Brighton band led by Darius Zaltash chatted with us ahead of the single release, along with revealing details of their next few gigs & even touching upon where their name idea came from. Check out what they had to say…

Hiya guys! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves? 

[Darius]: So I moved to Brighton from Reading for Uni in September, met Stewart as he’s my housemate and straight away we wanted to work together, Stewart and Harry used to be in another band back in Maidstone and so did I back in Reading. Although it was fun both bands weren’t really going anywhere so we thought why don’t we give it another crack here.

[Luke]: I’m from Burnley and moved Brighton for the same reasons really and I’m on the same course as Stew so he said come for a jam one day, we’re looking for a new guitarist and here we are!

 Where did your name come from?

Saw it on the back of a dolphin.

What artists influence you?

[Harry]: Too many! I’m rating The Orwells at the moment though.

[Darius]: Our influences come from all over the place but I’m really digging the new Palm Honey EP, they’ve just got a wicked sound deffo check em out!

[Stew]: I’ve been listening to a lot of Dinosaur Pile-Up, they just sound so grungy I love it.

[Luke]: – Picasso is still decent tbh.

So you’ve got your first single coming out soon (exciting!!), can you tell us a little bit about it? 

[Darius]: Yeahh boii, so the single is called “Out All Night” and it is about exactly that to be honest! I took a trip to Budapest last summer with some of my closest friends and it ended up being one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever had! Met some of the best people so the song is kind of a tribute to those 10 days if that makes sense, I think its got a kind of “you and your mates vs the world” vibe aswell which is cool.

When will the track be released and where will it be available to download/buy?

[Stew]: The song is coming out next month and will be released on Apple Music,Spotify and Soundcloud.

What gigs are you going to be playing in the near future? 

[Luke]: Our next gig is at Bleach on the 16th of March with Sisteray and The RPM’s, then after that we’re playing Jumanji’s single launch party at The Hope and Ruin on the 19th of April which looks like its gonna be huge! The rest is all hush hush for now.

Who would you say is the funniest in the band?


Have you guys got any gigs you’re attending in the near future?

[Harry]: Maybe Jagwar Ma

[Darius]: Seeing The Amazons at Patterns next month, they played a gig in my house once back in Reading and been a huge fan of their work ever since!

Are you more of a cat or dog person?

[Harry]: Cat

[Darius]: Dog

[Stewart]: Cat

[Luke]: Cat

Do any of you have pets?

Harry has a cat, Stewart has a bunny.

Did you have any New Years resolutions and have you stuck to them?

Not that we can remember haha!

Favourite album of all time?

[Harry]: Nevermind

[Stewart]: the hurting by Tears For Fears

[Luke]:  Wild Cub – Youth

[Darius]: Fortune Drive – A Modern Question.

Cheers guys!

As of yet the band have just one demo track on Soundcloud after forming late last year; you can listen to Run below.

Strangewave are playing a local gig at BLEACH / Brighton on Thursday March 16 along with The RPMs, Sisteray & HAKE. Tickets are available here.


Facebook: @wearestrangewave

Introducing: The Nix. + a brief interview

Introducing The Nix. They are rising band from Stockport with a unique blend of genres noticeable in each of their current songs, which is hardly surprising when you take into the classic rock n roll influences the band has.

I have chatted with the band and here is what they have to say.

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

“We’re a quintet from Stockport consisting of 3 guitarists, 1 bassist and drummer with 2 leading vocalists. 18-20 years young. Spending most of our time gigging around the North west.”

How did you all meet?

“We all met at Cheadle Hulme high school pretty much, when we were about 13-15. Tom and Nathan went to the same primary school and Hayden, Andy and Josh went to another one together. Started playing together in high school and have taken it from there. ”

Where Did the idea for the band’s name come from?

“We were just trying to find random words and put ‘the’ in front of it. We found the word ‘nix’ in a fashion book, thought it sounded cool. Apparently Nix is a German slang word for ‘nothing’. ”

Who are some of your main influences as a band?

“We have a variety of influences cause we all listen to so many different sounds. It ranges from psychedelia, dance and rock n roll.”

What would be your all-time favourite gig you’ve been to?

“We’ve all been to a couple mint gigs together like Tame Impala, The Strokes and Stone Roses. ”

Any upcoming music you’re currently working on?

“Yeah funnily enough we’re actually planning on being in the studio next week getting down some new tracks that hopefully will be out soon. ”

What’s your favourite record to listen to?

Andy:  “Nas – Illmatic”

Hayden:  “Frank Ocean – Blonde”

Tom:  “Radiohead – In Rainbows”

Josh:  “My Morning Jacket – Z”

Nathan:  “David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”

What’s your current favourite track you’ve recorded?

“Fear of Change”

What are the bands plans for 2017?

“Our plan is to gig massively and build a wider audience and try and get our music played on major radio stations to get people behind our tunes. Also to record more tracks and release them on music platforms so people have more to listen to.”

How would you describe your bands sound for people who haven’t discovered you yet?

“That’s a pretty hard one. We always have trouble with this question when it’s asked. At the moment it’s a pretty spacey groovy but it fluctuates between our influences.”

And finally any festivals or gigs you guys have lined up for this year?

“Our main gig to look forward is our double bill with our good mates Dantevilles, playing 2 nights with them at Jimmys. Can’t wait for that. We’ve got talks for more gigs over the summer so you’ll have to keep posted on our social media”

Make sure to follow the band’s social media to keep updated and check them out on spotify and soundcloud to hear what they have to offer. Including their latest track and the bands favourite “fear of change”.

Twitter – @thenixband

Facebook- The Nix

Instagram – @thenixband

Featured image sourced from the bands Facebook

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