Hey guys,

On Monday I got back from camping at my first festival, Reading! I bought my ticket last October so had been looking forward to this for around 10 months, and when it finally came I was super happy! I will talk about the main things I would recommend if you are planning on going to a festival and camping.

Firstly, I would definitely recommend buying an Early Bird Ticket if you can, this means you arrive one day earlier than everyone else, meaning there is more choice on where you can camp, the queues aren’t as long, and it gives you more time to get to know your surroundings. (Especially if it is your first time)

Secondly, pack lightly! I got dropped off to the festival this year, and the drop off point is around a 45 minute walk to the actual festival, meaning you have to carry everything with you to the festival, and then at the end of the weekend you have to carry it back. (Unless of course, you decide to leave your tent etc). I would also say, taking a stove/something to cook on, is not absolutely essential. There are plenty of food stalls around, and despite them being rather expensive, it is easier to buy food there than leave the arena every evening just to cook yourself a meal.

But, what food should you take? – I would say simply take things like cereal bars, long lasting milk, crisps, sweets, tinned fruit, and then of course you want drinks such as bottled water (which can also come in handy for brushing your teeth), and alcohol!

Other essentials for camping at a festival would be –

  • Wet Wipes – Most people only use festival showers once during the time they’re there (if at all), so these will come in handy to make sure you stay as “clean” as possible.
  • Toilet Roll – and lots of it! The toilets in the campsites don’t provide you with toilet roll unless you speak to the manager of the camp, so taking your own would be highly recommended. Especially considering you will be needing it to clean the toilet seats before using them.
  • Hand Sanitiser – Again, I would say bring lots of it! I took around 3 bottles and used it all up when I was there. Even in the arena toilets where there are soap dispensers, they often run out so I would recommend you provide it yourself.
  • Dry Shampoo – This will be your absolute saviour! Everyone hates having greasy hair, right? But if you take dry shampoo this won’t be so much of a problem.

I hope some of this has provided you with some information on what you should bring to a festival, more than anything I would definitely recommend going to a festival, as once you’ve been you will definitely want to go again!