Now, let me introduce you to this up and coming quartet from the North-West of England who are beginning to make a name for themselves, playing lots of small venues around Liverpool and Manchester.

The band consists of Hayley Faye performing vocals & guitar, Marcus Mayes on the drums, K DaSilva on guitar & effect, Jack Corocoran on Bass, and finally Emma Lomax performing Backing Vocals. Having formed in 2014, and self-releasing their debut album – recorded on a shoestring budget – in 2015, HANNAH are definitely a band you need to look out for.

Their debut album ‘As The World Turns’ (released in June 2015), consists of 9 tracks, and is available for download on their Bandcamp page for free, or you can name a price! The music on the album is a mix of The Smiths, Elvis Costello and The Shirts. The album even includes a Pink Floyd inspired track called ‘Where the Ocean Meets the Sky‘.

The album kicks off with fast-paced Somewhere or Nowhere and finishes much slower with Empire.  Stalker has quite a scary feel to it (as said on the website), with the pace building up as the song goes on.  Other tracks on the album include:

  • Fallout
  • Give or Take
  • Just a Child
  • Disguise
  • Star Struck.

They have also released an EP consisting of 5 tracks, 4 of which you’ll recognize from the album, but also adding a new track called You’ll Remember.

If you enjoy listening to alternative/indie music, I would definitely suggest taking a listen to HANNAH. Although their album was recorded on a shoestring budget, the quality and the whole general sound is to an absolutely professional standard and you would believe it had been done on a much more expensive budget.