Tape UK

Tape UK is a brand new, unique, not-for-profit music platform founded by Dillon Willis, who came up with the idea early last year. It is aimed at using the power of art and music to provide to the homeless, and make a difference to homelessness around the United Kingdom

The organisation plan to host:

  • Live Events
  • Interviews with Artists/Bands
  • Live Music Sessions 
  • and much much more!

All donations and profits will go towards providing the homeless with food, drink, clothing, shelter and any other essentials. In return for an artist/band raising money and/or making a donation to the organisation, Tape UK will record live music sessions and band/artist interviews. In 2015, the organisation managed to raise £450 towards equipment to be able to record these sessions.

Now, in 2016, Tape UK are hoping to fully kick off their project, looking to host  a series of fundraising events, and trying to raise publicity as much as possible, but they need your support!! Take a look at the links below, where you can find more information: 



E-mail: tapeuk@gmail.com



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