Essex band WAX COLOUR have just released their second single LIBERTY.

The four-piece, consisting of Charlton Paine, Micheal Broadway, Mark Ellis and Josh Grove released their first song IDK in December 2015, and have since played a number of gigs to get their name further out there.

Much like IDK, Liberty has got a very distinctive sound to it. The unique vocals, the fantastic guitar riffs, and evocative lyrics are the factors that make up the excellence of this track. There are elements to the riffs in the backing track where dare I say, I can detect influences of some of Arctic Monkeys’ earlier stuff. But I’ll let you go and decide that for yourselves! Wax Colour are definitely a band to go and listen to, and I look forward to seeing (hearing!) what they have planned for the future.

If you would like to take a listen to the song, or find out more about the band themselves, you can take a look at the links below: