This is different to what I usually write about, however I felt it was important I write a few words for Viola Beach.

I first heard Swings & Waterslides back in October, on a YouTube channel called The Hyve. After hearing it, I constantly listened to it, told people of this band I had discovered, and I couldn’t wait to hear more of what they had to come!

In January 2016, they released Boys That Sing and Like a Fool, and I (like many others I’m sure) was absolutely chuffed to bits that there was finally more material from them. They gained a lot more support from this, and after looking at their Twitter, I noticed that they would always respond to people who tweeted them. They were clearly kind-hearted men who were genuinely in it for the music, and absolutely loved what they were doing.

I have never got so emotional over a band’s passing, however this one was somewhat different. I didn’t want to believe what I was hearing. I am unsure whether it is due to the influence they had, or the fact they were so young with so much potential, but I was devastated when I heard this news, and days later, it still hasn’t really sunk in.

The loss of these 4 talented, young lads from Warrington who were only looking to make a name for themselves has been a shock to many, and I hope their music can still be remembered despite them passing.

So finally, I would like to say thank-you to Kris, River, Tomas and Jack. You gave many people happiness through your music and I hope you’re still jamming out up there. RIP. Xx