Sun-kissed, lazy slack-pop, Manchester Two Piece HOLIDAY HOME released their DIY, debut EP, Greetings From in December 2015.

If you’re into lazy music, chilled vibes, and Summery feelings, this EP – influenced by the likes of The Magic Gang and Sad Culture – is definitely one to take a listen to.

Holiday Home, the self-titled, opening track is a superb introduction to the EP, with the added touch of just a snippet of the well known song We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday at the very start. Upon hearing this lazy slack opening track, I knew I was going to enjoy the rest of what I heard.

It also includes the retro sounding So Fresh So Easy, Clueless, and the delightfully dreamy Wish You Were Here; this is the shortest track on the EP, and my personal favourite. They’ve added in sounds of a dog barking throughout the song, which adds a lovely beat to the backing track. It’s an odd, yet brilliant alternative to the typical drumming beats you often hear.

Finally, closing track A Little Place In The Sun (Imagine, Don’t Even), absolutely portrays the Summery vibe the band are going for.

The band will be releasing this on cassette, the artwork has been sorted, and luckily for you, they have some extra surprises in store! Rumour has it they have even more material written, and another EP could well be on its way.

You can find them on social media here: