February 18th 2016 saw the release of MAC BENSON’s EP Hot Water Bottle.

While compiling the EP, he had been listening to artists like Frankie Cosmos, Cherry Glazerr, and Mac Demarco, which inspired both the sound, and the way he wrote it.

Laughter When I Cry is the opening track, and it’s a wonderful mood setter. While the guitar playing in the backing track is quite simple, it gives out a relaxing vibe, and complements the equally relaxing vocals absolutely brilliantly.

Having spoken to Mac himself, he told me he’d written Laughter When I Cry after having a deep conversation with a friend, telling me the moment was rather sad but funny at the same time. To stop himself feeling sad, he went home and wrote this track​.

Don’t Leave Me Alone is the shortest on the album, and is much faster paced than Laughter When I Cry. The lyrics tell you that although the pace has risen, it by no means signifies that the mood set previously has been lifted.

Band Aid is the middle, and longest track on the EP. It’s absolutely filled with intimate lyrics, including “I wanna rip away my sadness like a band aid” and “the nights are empty and filled with dread”.  The track brings back the vibes Laughter When I Cry gave to us, with yet again rather simple chords on the guitar. The difference is that the vocals are singular, there are no harmonies which just makes it all the more clear and refreshing to listen to.

Next comes Tuesday Birthday, which is the most uplifting track on the EP, and follows the trend of the EP which vocally, I could not fault.

Flowers (Demo) is the final track on the EP. It is without vocals, which is the perfect ending. Giving you the opportunity to take in everything that you’ve listened to, but also leaving you wanting to hear more.

If you want to take a listen, or perhaps even buy the EP -for just £2.80!!- you can find it on bandcamp here: https://macbenson.bandcamp.com/album/hot-water-bottle

You can also find Mac on social media here: