Catalysts Photograph

Up and coming Sheffield band CATALYSTS released their debut single See In The Dark in May 2015, and they couldn’t have done better!

With influences such as Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead and The Smiths, the band’s current line-up formed around 4 years ago now, and this was their first release.

Filled with speedy guitar riffs, memorable lyrics, and infectious rhythms, See In The Dark has a very memorable sound… upon my first listen, I was instantly drawn in. I particularly like the unique edge in vocalist Tom’s voice, which simply adds to the appeal of the track. The guitar melodies are upbeat and vibrant, working fantastically alongside the rhythm of the drums.

See In The Dark is a definite for your Summer playlists, and the perfect tune to sing back to the band as the sun sets at a festival. If you’re into the likes of Bloc Party, The Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club, this is one for you!

Having played local festival Tramlines (Sheffield) in 2015, the band are looking to play the festival again in 2016, so keep an eye out for announcements! Furthermore, they’re looking to gig elsewhere while they’re home from uni.

Catalysts have much more material recorded already, and it’s looking like there will be releases coming up over the summer, maybe even an album or two.

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