Corby four-piece LUNA ROSA have recently released an EP, including a brand new single This One (High On The Groove).


I spoke to the band prior to the release to find out more.

1. Hello, introduce yourselves?

Hello, we’re Luna Rosa.

  • Cole O’neill – Drums
  • Kieran Maguire – Bass
  • Darren Myles – Guitar
  • Rory McDade – Guitar/Vox

2. How did you meet?

We were all brought together by a mutual friend, Adam “Noisemaker” Binley. He was having his annual wig out party down at blossom bay. After a few games of pass the peace parcel, we felt a strange togetherness. He took the four of us aside and told us we must venture on a journey together “The tides are rising, only the moon will remain” he said…or some shit like that. So we met the next day and wrote a song called Hybrid Polynesia.

3. So you have a single coming out later this month, who would you say influenced this?

We listen to every style and type of music we can, try not to limit ourselves to much. We made This One quite quickly we wanted to make a big sounding song that people could move to. And they do! but to pinpoint an influence is quite hard.

4. Any other releases in the pipeline?

We’re hoping to get back in the studio during August to do a new E.P. We’ve got to write the songs first though!

5. Where will the single be available to download/buy?

There are still some physical copies of the E.P left, but the single will only be available to download via Bandcamp, iTunes etc.

6. How would you describe your sound?

Oh thats hard, an eclectic mix of raucous soaring sounds mixed with gentle moments. God knows, we just play!

7. First album you bought?

Led Zeppelin – Early Years compilation

8.Favourite single of all time?

Too many to choose from. No, can’t do it.

9.If you could play a gig anywhere in the world, where would it be?

The Amazon Jungle, see what animals we can attract.

10. What do you listen to as your guilty pleasure?

Sugababes – Overload … Tune

11. If you could support any band who would it be?

Wu-Tang Clan!

12. Have you got any gigs coming up?

  • July 9th – Corby Shire Gathering
  • August 6th – Corby Rocked up Hootenanny
  • August 7th Harlequin Fayre
  • August 12th – Leeds Verve Bar .

And a few more to be confirmed!

13. Finally, describe the single in three words.

Gargantuan pleasure spectrum?

Give the single a listen here:

This One (High on the Groove) is now available to listen to and download, along with the rest of the bands EP.

Find the band on social media here: