London based indie/alt rock band FROM THE CAVE have recently released their new, self-titled EP.

From the Cave are an indie/alternative band based in London who have been hiding in a cave for far too long (pardon the pun) and are finally coming out to gather the recognition and appraisal they undoubtedly deserve.

The group released their new EP toward the end of April this year containing a mix of head bobbing gold and some slow burning ballads which grow with each second. They have told about their “excitement” for it, and understandably so, it’s brilliant.

The five track EP kicks off with the explosive tune Night Hawk. An overpoweringly groovy, anthemic number; which has echoes of Kasabians early single Cut Off – this is especially clear when the beat drops during the verses. The guitar build up really provides the chorus with an edge of excitement, it feels as if the song has been around for years.

The next song is Television. A very peculiar tune, especially in the beginning, with synthesised vocals giving it quite a 70’s ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ vibe. The mix between the male and female voices throughout the full EP is amazing but is particularly good in this track. Blend that in with a minute and a half guitar solo, and what’s not to love?

Following that is the 3rd track Trains… A tune that could be described as a lighter wielding ballad, with very intelligent lyrics, and a chorus that you could imagine being sung at a festival. A slow burner in the beginning but by a minute in, the track wins you over. The drums are particularly good in this number, with different beats throughout the full song.

The energy picks up again in the next track Live Your Life This tune would instantly get the crowd moving and has a slight Franz Ferdinand feel to it; this would make sense as the band have stated that FF are one of their influences. Underneath the fast paced beats and guitars are more smart lyrics.

From The Caves 5th and final track on their EP is called Hope and is arguably one of the best. The intro to the song really sets the tone for the tune and it only gets better. The male and female voices really complement each other in this tune and do the lyrics justice. The whole song could get away as a Bastille tune due to the amazing rhythmic drumming.

Overall this is an EP that demonstrates the capability that these talented bunch of artists have and it’s only a matter of time before they are fully rewarded for their efforts.

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