Idle Nois

Every now and then you’ll hear a track from a band, and just know they’re going to blow you away. I experienced that earlier this week, when I came across indie rock band IDLE NOISE from Coventry.

After forming in late 2015, with a range of influences including The Courteeners, The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys; the lads finally released their debut EP 18 in April this year.

From start to finish, you can hear the band have already developed their sound, despite this only being their debut. They play together with ease, and every track just seems to flow.

Title track, 18 was the first I heard of the band, and it couldn’t have been a better introduction. While you can hear influence from Catfish and the Bottlemen, it definitely has your typical indie sound, and nonetheless sets the scene for what is to come. 18 is definitely one for summer, so add it to your playlist!

Move follows on from 18 with excellence, and is my personal favourite from the EP. Filled with groovy guitar riffs, a catchy rhythm, and emotive vocal delivery, every element of the track just works.

Grace’s Corner will appeal to your more melancholic nature. It is a slow, moving track with the key changes, along with its lyrics providing a more powerful experience.

The last two tracks on the EP are up there with the rest… the garage, angry sounding track Break Away will not disappoint and will leave you feeling uplifted.

Finally comes Save Her, a suitable ending track for the EP; I particularly liked this track because of its infectious sound, it left me wanting to listen over and over. A perfect ending to an EP from a band whom I hope get the recognition they deserve – and it looks like they’re on their way!

The band have been featured on BBC Introducing, and recently played the main stage at Godiva Festival, they’re now taking a bit of downtime to write some more tunes, telling me “EP 2 shouldn’t be far away!”. 

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