All-male four-piece, Jewels, are rising stars on the Essex indie rock scene, having recently played London’s Nambucca Holloway, Billericay’s REID’S Bar and Clacton Sea and Beach festival. The boys met in college and, after jamming together, they realised they worked perfectly as a group and formed the band. Since then, Jewels have recorded two tracks, with their latest, Sally set for release in the very near future. With their captivating lyrics and alternative guitar riffs, I strongly believe Jewels have a bright future ahead of them, and to spread my love for them, I thought I’d publish this small interview I had with one of the boys, Sam Musgrove, on Sunday.

Who writes your songs and where do you get the inspiration from?

I usually plant a musical seed and I show the rest of the band, then we jam to it, and 9 times out of ten create a song with it. That is how ‘Sally’ and ‘Glow’ on our single came around. We don’t like to have one sole writer as we like to share each other backgrounds, influences and styles and create songs with each other as we get a really good mix that way. We usually write about things you see, people you meet and the understanding of different things.

How often do you guys rehearse together, and what are your rehersals like?

We rehearse as much as we can, which is usually once or twice week for about 6 hours each time. Dan (our drummer) always takes forever to adjust his kit, so we usually spend about an hour waiting for him to sort his life out Ahahaha. We love him really!

What is your favourite and least favourite venue you’ve performed in?

The Princess theatre was our favourite, the sound was just incredible and the pure size of the stage and the hall was surreal, it was an amazing feeling for us. We did a few shows at the college we formed at and at the time we thought it was great, but after getting out to play london and other places we quickly realised the pond was a lot deeper than college, so college would be our least favourite.

Do you guys have any advice to other small bands or artists wanting to start performing?

Never give up – we know every band says that but seriously never give up, show the music industry you mean business and drop the hottest mix tape of 2016! But in all seriousness, its scary business but just focus on what you want and never take a short cut you will kick your selves in the long run, trust us.

Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years?

Hopefully doing what we love as thats all we have ever wanted to do, and maybe a cheeky bit of Glastonbury but we’re not fussed, ahah!

What are your individual favourite bands?

Dan (Drums) – White lies

Ryan – (Bass) – The Stone Roses

Sam (lead singer) – Peace

Chris (guitar) – JAWS

From personal experience, these boys are so genuine, down to earth and lovely, and they definitely deserve to become super popular! Go follow their instagram (@jewelsband), like their facebook page and keep your eye out for their new single on spotify and iTunes!

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Kaia // @kaia1975