With temperatures rising recently and skies seeming almost clear and blue, I think it is safe to say we are well underway with the little amount of ‘summertime’ we receive in Britain. To make the most of the declining days of sunshine we have left, you’ll need a perfect summer playlist, and to help you along the way I have devised a list of 10 indie tracks, along with my own opinions on why they deserve a place in the list, that must make an appearance. These tracks are a balance of both modern and classic indie anthems, so should cater for every chilled out event, holiday or road-trip this summer. So, with no further ado, and in no particular order – here it is…

 1.    Viola Beach – ‘BOYS THAT SING’

Although it is awfully sad that they’re no longer able to create music, the late male four-piece Viola Beach left behind several incredible tracks, it was almost difficult to pick just one from them, but with its summery sounding vocals and lyrics, Boys that Sing has made it onto my list. I love this song’s feel-good vibes and its brightness, making it the perfect summer anthem.

 2.    Blossoms – ‘CHARLEMAGNE’

Blossoms, in my opinion, had to be on my summer playlist, as since they finished 4th place on BBC’s Sound Of new music list for 2016, they’ve been gaining fans fast. I chose this song because I love its 80’s synthesiser vibe, and envisage it playing while going on a summer adventure, or chilling in a meadow.

Blossoms artwork

 3.    The Smiths – ‘THIS CHARMING MAN’

Because, where would this playlist be without the lords of indie themselves? This song is needed to get any summer day off to a good start, whether you’re alone and dancing around your bedroom in an oversized shirt impersonating  Morrissey himself, or you’re adventuring during your summer break, the soft vocals and airy guitar riffs fits impeccably with summer vibes.

 4.    Fickle Friends – ‘SWIM’

Female-fronted band Fickle Friends with their song Swim could not be better suited to this playlist. It has a serious summer festival vibe, and I honestly urge you to go give the band a listen if you haven’t before.

 5.    The Stone Roses – ‘FOOLS GOLD’

The Stone Roses – one of the key pioneering groups of the Madchester movement, had to make an appearance on my list as, not only are they one of my favourite bands, but also their song Fools Gold encapsulates the idea of summer to me. The catchy guitar riff is perfect for a road trip or blaring from a speaker with friends.

 6.    Ratboy – ‘GET OVER IT’

For me, it is the fast paced vocals of this track that make it a perfect summertime anthem. It is, in my opinion, the most danceable and enthusiastic of ratboy’s singles, and I love the carefree vibes it gives off – for this reason it is perfect for a spontaneous summer adventure, and therefore earnt its place on my playlist.

 7.    The 1975 – ‘SO FAR (IT’S ALRIGHT)

This decision took me much deliberation as, as I have mentioned before, the 1975 are my favourite band of all time, and if I could I would put every single one of their tracks on this list. However, that would make for a very boring read, and so I came to the conclusion that So Far (it’s alright) fits the best in this playlist. With its upbeat vocals and funky synthesiser sounds, it is perfect to get a summer party started. You can never go wrong with the 1975 guys, remember that…

 8.    Wolf Alice – ‘FREAZY’

Wolf Alice are a band who honestly surprised me; I did not imagine myself liking their style but, after listening to their album ‘my love is cool’ a few times, I literally cannot get enough. Freazy is such a feel-good track – I love the chorus so much and it fits perfectly with the nice weather; 100% a summer anthem.

 9.    Oasis – ‘SHE’S ELECTRIC’

Being one of Oasis’ more well-known upbeat songs, I think She’s Electric is the perfect song for a party or gathering with your other indie pals this summer, as it will get everyone dancing and feeling the summery vibes. This is a track that will never age, and will always have a place on my summer playlist (as well as probably my winter one!!).

 10. Little Comets – ‘FORMULA’

Formula by little comets is my final summer essential this year; with the indie rock trio becoming increasingly popular, it would only be right that one of their incredibly feel-good and funky tracks made it onto the playlist. I love this song, because it’s got the best vibes and its perfect to chill with your friends to, not to mention drink a bit too much and scream the lyrics to during a summer night!

Watch the video for Viola Beach’s Boys That Sing here:

Thank you very much for taking the time to read me ranting about my musical preferences! I’d be very interested to hear about your 2016 summer playlist, so please feel free to drop a comment underneath or chat to me on twitter! Once again, thanks guys, and stay tuned for the next blog post.

Written by: Kaia // @kaia1975