Forming in the city who brought us The Cribs, and just up the road from one who brought the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Pulp and The Human League; THE GALLERY are an indie band with tons of potential.

The Wakefield five-piece consists of members Joe Anderson-Smith (Guitar), Henri Saddler (Guitar), Sam Barber (Bass), Ben Whiteley (Drums), and Matt Rees (Vocals). Who formed in July 2015, but started gigging and writing just 3 weeks ago.

Daddy’s Car was the first release from the band, and has a particularly fetching sound to it; drawing you in from the opening few chords. The strong Yorkshire accent it’s delivered with only adds to the Turner-esque vibe the track gives off. With strong, evocative lyrics such as “Daddy’s Car won’t get you far, sixty grand for fuck all A stars” and “is this right? that you have a pass that makes you breeze through life.”  it is already clear that they have a knack not only for writing music, but the words to go with it.

Force Fed Plans is a track which shows the bands heavier side, which again consists of impressively thought out lyrics. With explosive percussion, rowdy riffs and memorable words, this is a sure anthemic tune to sing back to the band at one of their gigs.

The bands most recent track 5op Mix and Match only follows on from the other two, being just as infectious, loud, and energetic. The track has a hazy sound to it, with similarities to early Oasis, shown especially in the tone and pace of the vocals.

From what I’ve heard of The Gallery so far, there are exciting prospects, and I look forward to hearing what’s next from them.

The band will be playing a hometown gig this Friday (9th September 2016), so definitely get yourself down there if you can! They’ll also be supporting Pretty Vicious on their Newcastle date on September 20th – this will be just their 3rd gig!


You can listen to their latest track 50p Mix and Match here.

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Written by: Emily Pugh | @emilypugh_