Every Monday, for the last seven weeks, South London indie-punk band THE BULLETPROOF BOMB have released a track from their brand new EP, This Ain’t Rebellion. Earlier this week saw the release of the final track from the EP. 


Having received radio coverage from BBC Radio DJ’s such as Huw Stephens and Zane Lowe, this exciting new band are best known for their popular self-released singles Five Green Bottles and Suitcase. These tracks gained the band a surge in their following, and the second single was even put on the BBC Radio 1 Playlist. Since this, The Bulletproof Bomb have performed at well known festivals including Reading and Leeds, Boardmasters & Kendal Calling.

Their new concept EP, This Ain’t Rebellion marks a change in the bands sound, however one thing that hasn’t changed is the cockney twinge in vocalist Joel’s singing, which has become one of the bands trademarks. Almost completely driven by keyboard, Sportswear Punk opens the EP as it means to go on. Giving off a powerful message, with lyrics such as “I’ve lost a lot of weekends… staying close to my best friends, the only way to stay.” and “Do we even want it? Will it always be the same?”. a Calling for us all to get out of our comfort-zone and make changes to our everyday lives.

Following on, Millenial Moaning/Generation Me is an all round mixture of crashing percussion and bouncy riffs. It focuses on issues for younger generations, highlighting political inaction and lack of engagement. Lyrics such as “the whole world stays in work, living in the coils of an ageing nation.” and “not enough of us to cause a deviation…’cos we’re just young, naive and just in love” confirm this stance, and only make the track appeal more to the youth of today.

Out for a Stroll does what it says on the tin, a lighter worded track about going out and spending time with your mates. Talking about the track, Joel said: “The idea of Sportswear Punk is all about the good & the bad, the light & the dark…here I wanted to grab the light at its brightest”, and that’s just what it does.  With a variation of crashing cymbals, rolling drums and rhyming couplets, Out for a Stroll is a punk-rock track, suited to a sunny day. If you like the Sex Pistols, be sure to give this one a chance!

Track 4 slows the whole sound down. 03/12/2015 00:16am sets us up with a more chilled out, simple bass line, accompanied by delicate percussion, building up as the track goes on. Towards the end, the instrumental loudens as more is introduced, fading out again just in time with the vocals. The music then comes to a solid end, adding a sound effect of static noise to close the track in full. As the middle song on the EP, 03/12/2015 00:16am is placed well, giving listeners a chance to wind down and reflect on others which are much heavier, but nonetheless enjoyable.

These four tracks are only some taken from This Ain’t Rebellion, which outlines some of the issues for young people in 2016.  The full EP is most certainly worth a listen, and you can read the track list below:

  • Sportswear Punk
  • Millennial Moaning/Generation Me
  • Out For A Stroll
  • 03/12/2015 00:16am
  • Come Out
  • Evening Tones of the Skull n Crossbones
  • This is It

If you want to listen in full, you can find all the tracks – along with Bulletproof’s other material – over on the bands Spotify.

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Written by: Emily Pugh | emilypugh_