Sundara Karma. If those two words mean nothing to you, something needs to change, and fast (I’m serious, look them up right now. It’ll change your life). Sundara Karma are undoubtedly one of my favourite bands of the year, and on Friday the 16th of September I had the pleasure of seeing them live at Heaven Nightclub in London. I thought, seeing as I haven’t posted on here in a criminally long time, I’d write you guys a fairly indepth post about my experience at the gig, and enlighten you, if previously unaware, of these incredible musicians.
The venue itself was such a gorgeous and quirky place, it couldn’t have set the mood for the gig any better if it tried. Normally open for business as the ‘World’s most famous gay nightclub’, it has also seen the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Bombay Bicycle Club and MGMT grace its halls, not to mention New Order played their first London show there in 1981. This prestigious venue was the largest Sundara Karma had ever played and, with it’s underground and beautifully idiosyncratic feel, it will definitely be one to remember.  From the very first song Sundara played, I knew it was going to be unbelievable. Having been to a huge number of shows by various indie artists in the past few years, I must admit this one stood out for all the right reasons. The vibe was insane – even before we were in the main hall I could feel an intense energy and expectation of the night.
The individuality and character that comes through in Sundara’s music and style is strongly replicated in their fanbase; everyone seemed beautifully understanding of eachother and they were honestly the friendliest fans I’ve ever come across while waiting for a band.
Unsurprisingly, mosh pits and huge waves of dancing and jumping ensued throughout most of the show which, while it’s eventuality was the loss of my brand new shirt, that was a small price to pay. The creativity and way Sundara can captivate an audience is unlike anything I’ve seen in a venue of that size, and for this reason I can really see the band filling larger and larger arena’s in the coming years. Among my favourite performances was ‘Run away’ and ‘Loveblood’, purely because of the elation of the crowd throughout them both. I found lead singer Oscar Lulu especially amazing, with his enrapturing voice and lyrics. They all possess such creative genius.
As if their original songs didn’t make the experience idyllic enough, mid-way through the set, they announced they were going to perform a cover, and completely blew me away. I have a tendency, which is very judgemental of me, especially seeing as I am a performer myself, to expect a cover to be less impressive than an original. I couldn’t have been more wrong. As I watched the band perform an inspiringly flamboyant and genuinely moving cover of Luther Vandross’ ‘Never too much’, I was reminded of the huge talent Sundara Karma possess. It ended up being one of my favourite moments of the night.
When it was all over and the lights rose to reveal a perspiring but gratified audience, me and my friends went to buy tshirts and had the pleasure to meet the two support bands, INHEAVEN and The Night Cafe. Their sounds were both so unique I instantly fell in love with them. They seemed like wonderful people and I am now really hoping I can get tickets for INHEAVEN’s tour in October. If you haven’t heard any of the bands mentioned in this post, I strongly recommend you check them out. Go listen to ‘Vivienne’ by Sundara Karma, ‘Baby’s Alright’ by INHEAVEN and ‘Time’ by The Night Cafe!

Thank you for reading this one, sorry it’s been a bit longer than usual but I have overflowing amounts of enthusiasm for this amazing band! Let me know what you think by tweeting me @kaia1975!