After their explosive self-titled debut album in 2014, expectations for album number two were certainly high, but Honeyblood have certainly not fallen short.

After drummer, Shona McVicar, left the Glaswegian duo, a question on many of our minds was simple; would a two-piece survive without half of its line-up?

A couple of years on, following the release of their latest album ‘Babes Never Die’, it is evident that they not only many to survive, but have flourished. With a new drummer, Cat Myer, joining singer/guitarist Stina Tweeddale, their new album refines the sound of their first album, delivering something new which surely is enough to make them stand out from the crowd.


“For this album, we went into the studio and said: ‘Total punk! As rock as we can get it,’” says Tweeddale, who recorded the first Honeyblood EP in her bathroom. The music on their new album is certainly heavier; more riffs, more aggression.

The title, ‘Babes Never Die’, sets out this new sound, the title itself being a metaphor for strength and resilience. They use the term “babe”, to symbolise strength; “It has a power and independence associated with it now,” says Myers. Tweedale states that ‘Babes Never Die’ is not a statement, instead a reminder to “do whatever the fuck you want”.


In 2015, Honeyblood toured with bands such as the Foo Fighters and Wolf Alice, after which they returned to the studio to work on this album. They have also been compared with other bands such as JAWS, Hinds and Babystrange.

Personal highlights from the album for me include ‘Sea Hearts’, and the slower ‘Love Is A Disease’. The video for ‘Sea Hearts’ was released back in October, which follows a witch as she emerges from the sea and descends upon a spooky house party – some have even said it appears to have a touch of ‘Stranger Things’ to it. Embedded with energy and contagious melody, the sheer rush of the music is closely linked to one of their most thrilling lyrical works to date.

‘Love Is A Disease’ has echoes of the band ‘Wolf Alice’ running through it as it delivers a catchy chorus that is sure to stick in your mind; “I don’t need a cure, I just wanna be yours”.

So, what’s next for this duo?

Honeyblood are on tour at the end of November and start of December 2016, visiting cities including Oxford, London, Manchester, and ending with their home town; Glasgow.


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Written by Harriet / @yellowdaffodilx