Indie-rock quartet BLUSH are back with brand new single, Crying Glitter. 

With their first two singles bringing them to the eyes of the industry and fans earlier this year, this is definitely their best yet. Crying Glitter shows how Blush have developed their sound, just 4 months after the release of their second single WRNG.

With influence from The Strokes, Crying Glitter has all the elements of an indie-rock track.  Vocals from Ben (Lead), alongside those from Scott and Brad (Backing Vocals) work exceptionally well with each other throughout the track. It adds emotion and only makes the track flow more. As it goes on it only makes you want to keep listening.

Giving off a vibrant energy with a range of upbeat melodies, complemented by harsh but steady percussion and predominantly husky vocals, Crying Glitter has a contagious, dreamy sound to it.

Potentially up there with some of the best new bands of the year, if you’ve not come across their material as of yet, give them a listen on their Soundcloud, stream them on Spotify, or download it on iTunes from Friday 25th November!

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