November 26th saw ARCADIA bring out their brand new single Silhouette.

The Stoke four-piece are back with an updated lineup since the release of their last EP Canopy; Seb Clarke (Vocals & Rhythm) Jacob Ferchal (Lead Guitar), James Whitehurst (Drums) and Josh Holmes (Bass).

With some of their influences including Jaws, Tame Impala and Peace, the band described this track as “Dark and Ambient” telling us it’s “harrowing” in comparison to the tracks they’ve done before.

Silhouette sets off slow and melancholic before exploding into a mixture of heavier guitar and percussion. The echoey, gloomy vocals from Seb Clarke particularly add to the darker vibes the band mentioned, pacing it well against the tracks beat. Towards the end of the track we are given a guitar-led instrumental, jumping back into the vocals before slowing back down to the intro.

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Photography by:

Bethan Shuff

IG: strawberryblondephotography