After over a year and a half of no new tracks, Circa Waves have finally released a new song!  The Liverpudlian lads released their new track ‘Wake Up’ on November 24th, and is more explosive, turbulent and exciting than before.

With their last album Young Chasers sporting indie, summery and up-beat vibes, this new track is quite the opposite with heavier drums and strong guitar riffs, and it appears that Circa Waves haven’t been afraid to rock the boat and switch things up a bit!  Initially, the loud and energetic sound of the electric guitar and the punchy noise of the drums entices the listener; creating a vibrant and powerful introduction. Then lead singer, Kieran Shudall’s vocals come in, with catchy lyrics and a gritty edge; ‘I feel ya, wrapping round my bones’. Furthermore, an impressive build up to the final verse, ties up the song, and I’m thoroughly obsessed with it!

Impressively, Wake Up has already achieved over 200,000 listens on Spotify in a week and a half!  I can’t wait to hear more of this new indie rock style from Circa Waves; which I’m sure will be continued in their upcoming album ‘Different Creatures’ which is out on 10/3/17.