Plymouth garage-rock trio SCHOOL DISCO released their debut EP The Rest of Us have More Realistic Expectations in November 2016.

Photography: Shannon Morris

Forming in mid 2016, with influences such as Yak, King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard, and My Bloody Valentine; the band consists of members Rory Lethbridge (Guitar and Vocals), Troy Holt (Bass) and Laur Underwood (Drums).

School Disco is the opening, instrumental track. Starting off softer and slower, the track develops before erupting into a mix of groovy guitars and hard percussion.

Track 2 on the EP is the guitar led, psychedelic track Cats Gone Wild, which even got airtime on BBC’s Introducing in Devon – who described the track as ‘Gnawing and Gnarly’. It sets off with steady drums and dreamy guitars before exploding into a heavy chorus made up of dirty riffs, crashing cymbals, and deep vocals.

Locked Up In Chains gives a more indie-rock feel than its predecessors. Its jazzy guitar riffs alongside the hard, fast percussion make the sound all the more contagious; even incorporating sound effects which only enhance the psychedelic edge to this track .

Inclined closes the EP, continuing from the track before with its indie-rock elements. The rhythmic percussion and echoing vocals, alongside the catchy, energetic guitars make it all the more appealing.

As a band who formed less than a year ago, School Disco’s sound is certainly developing well and I look forward to hearing what else is to come in the next few months!


The band are playing their first gig of 2017 on January 6th at The Underground in Plymouth; with support from Threads & The Haze.

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