Liverpool band The Cheap Thrills are catching the eyes of psych-indie fans across Merseyside and beyond. They streamed their brand new EP last week and its’ now available on all platforms.
You’ll find a thrill of riffs and reverb with this band, and their opening track “Tides” sums that up perfectly. Energetic and infectious, “Machine” follows suit, released on its’ own around a year ago it sounds like Kasabian with more drum influence and a quicker pace.

The Vryll Society have been successful in Liverpool in recent times, so it’s no surprise that in listening to “Same Old Faces” it’s easy to draw comparisons between the two, crashing drums and spaced out guitar hooks dominate. Final track “Setting Sun” is where the bass guitar comes into its own, it provides the foundation for more quick vocals before a euphoric chorus, it’s a big end to the EP.

The Cheap Thrills play in The Shipping Forecast tonight (14th Jan), tickets are £6 from here.

You can stream “Glare” on Spotify here.