After a successful 2016, it’s is looking like the next 12 months will be even bigger for Sheffield quartet ODDITY ROAD, who recently announced they’d be supporting The Sherlocks at a number of dates on their upcoming tour.

The four-piece consists of members Jack Heath (Vocals + Guitar), Dan Brennan (Guitar), Joel Gilbourne (Bass) and Ethan Lambert (Drums). We spoke to the lads in a Q & A to find out more…

Hiya guys! Tell us a bit about yourselves?

Hey we’re Oddity Road, basically four 17/18 year old lads, good mates from Sheffield and the Hope Valley who enjoy making indie rock music!

Where did the name Oddity Road come from?

The name came about from us noticing how a few local bands were using places in Sheffield to inspire their names, so it was kind of a play on that, as well as a joke around what we thought the band would be when we started out, a crazy odd old road trip for us and that’s certainly proving to be true to this point!

How did you all meet?

Three of us (Joel, Jack and Ethan) have known each other since we were about 10 yrs old and over the years we’ve been making music together in many different guises. But meeting guitarist Dan at sixth form last year, where we are all studying music, is where it all definitely kicked off, and we played our first gig back in February 2016.

What inspired you to start making music?

We’ve all been dead into music individually, playing and listening to a huge range of styles and instruments. I guess just common interests and a passion for creating music brought us together and we all got really into it together and have been ever since so it was a perfect fit!

Who are some of your main influences as a band?

We’ve all been influenced by a mad range of music growing up and we’ve got a taste for the big anthemic indie rock bands. We like bands that bring the best out of people and get a good time going.

Have you got any projects you can tell us about?

We’re spending a lot of time writing at the moment, playing around with new ideas and giving a few of them a whirl at live shows to get a proper feel of how people react to them as well as how they sound recorded. We can tweak them from that, but I’d say we’re probably sat on around 10-15 decent songs as it stands.

2017 has started brilliantly for us and we are talking about so many potential projects at the moment  … It’s a little crazy.

So you’re going to be supporting The Sherlocks on their upcoming tour, where are you most excited to play?

Yesss it’s unbelievable we can’t wait! We are playing 7 main dates on the UK tour and we’re really excited to play each and everyone of the shows to be honest! Obviously Sheffield is gonna be pretty special as it’s the biggest hometown show they’ve ever done, it’s sold out and it’s the Sherlocks so the atmosphere promises to be absolutely mad! We’ll be playing to loads of local friends and fans too but it’s a chance to get ourselves heard by so many more people, the whole tour is. It will be great to play to whole new audiences from Swansea and Cardiff to Hull via Peterborough, Nottingham and York!  We’ve had so many good messages from people who are coming along to see The Sherlocks and have checked us out. It’s proper humbling that people like our stuff. Supporting the lads will be class, they’re undoubtedly one of the hottest bands in the country right now and will be for some time I’m certain.

What is the strangest thing to happen to you since forming?

Probably the strangest in terms of still feeling surreal is the opportunity to get on this tour, when we started out we never expected to get anywhere near this point!

Personally we also get a massive massive buzz playing live and hearing the songs we’ve written coming back at us. It’s proper strange, in a completely brilliant way, it’s pretty special.

Are there any festivals you’re hoping to play in 2017?

We love a good festival and we love playing so obviously we’d love to get to as many as possible, we’ll just have to wait and see what the summer sun brings….Fingers crossed X

What’s your favourite track to play live?

So far It’s gotta be Handshake, the crowd always goes wild to it and it’s an absolute ball to play!

What are your hopes as a band for 2017?

It would be great if we are still writing music, playing gigs and enjoying ourselves at the end of the year! That was our aim when we started and anything else is simply a fantastic bonus!

Noel or Liam?


What’s your all time favourite record?

This is always a real tough one and can change everyday … Today as a band we’d have to say The Balcony or Whatever People Say…… both stunning albums which have given us so much inspiration and continue to do so ….. But the list could be endless ……..

Finally – for people who haven’t yet come across your music – describe your sound in a sentence?

Someone once described it as ‘indie rock with a hook and a twist’ ….. Whatever that means…..
Cheers lads and we wish you the best of luck on tour!
Photography by: Gunnar Mallon
You can see below the dates and venues Oddity Road will play on the tour:
  • 18th – Sin City, Swansea
  • 19th – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff


  • 1st – Met Lounge, Peterborough
  • 3rd – The Foundry, Sheffield
  • 4th – Welly, Hull
  • 6th – Fibbers, York
  • 8th – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

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Photography by:

Gunnar Mallon