Made in Hull! The bands that are placing the city of culture on the map.

As you’ve probably heard, Hull is now the Uk’s City of Culture! With something new and exciting happening every week, an expected 1 million new visitors are to come to Hull in the duration of 2017. Yet despite all this arty and amazing stuff going on just 1 month into the year, it is the Hull bands that are placing this underrated city on the map.


LIFE are arguably the biggest band in Hull at the moment as the 4 piece band have just returned from touring as Slaves main support act around Europe, and the career of this punky band is becoming bigger and brighter. A band that do not stop moving once they hit the stage, their crazy and unique stage presence works immensely with LIFE’s punky/ post punk sound, a frenzy of guitar riffs, rythamatic drums and a smooth bass, all accompanied by frontman, Mez’, brash attitude and rock and roll stage presence. LIFE have their own punky sound, fast paced, noisy and full of energy, cementing them as one of the most individual post punk bands going. Some of the most popular hits from the band include, ‘go go go’, ‘rare boots’, and ‘popular music’. With a huge following in Hull alone, expect to hear a lot more from LIFE in the near future!
SONG TO LISTEN TO: Popular music


With 12,000 monthly listeners on their Spotify and a support band for Blossoms in 2015, the Fronteers are on to big things and are doing Hull proud! It could be said that the Fronteers can be compared to any alternative/indie band, yet the bands lively tempo and melodious vocals make this a band you come back to hear more and more of. If you are a fan on the Arctic Monkeys or classic britpop bands, you will love the Fronteers. Having just recently released a new single, ‘Next time I’m around’ (a personal favorite of mine), the Fronteers present just how much potential they have. As a band that are a sheer pleasure to listen to, there’s no doubt about it that the Fronteers are going to be selling out shows to the masses in the years to come!




The quartet who are officially the City of Culture’s ‘Ones to watch’, The Hubbards are indie band that are not only taking hull by storm but have the rest of the UK in their clutches. Similar to the Fronteers, The Hubbards possess charisma, personality and an distinctive sound. In every song it is clear that the band play with passion and spirit, noticeable especially through the strong vocals and pulsating drums, bass and guitar. If you want to hear The Hubbards at their best, catch them at a live show, it is a promise that they will not fail to get the crowd going.



Despite only being on the scene for just over a year, Lumer have already recently added a fourth member to their original trio, brought their own merch out, made a music video, and got an album on the go. Making their mark on the Hull music scene and becoming more and more popular by the day, Lumer are a band that scream energy, sending any venue that they play into an explosion with their punky/ grungy sounds. The bands sound could be described as a mixture of genres: grungy, punky, psychedelic rock, mental, yet these all work strangely well together with each songs captivating lyrics. Lumer are already beginning to play venues outside of Hull despite the short time they have been together. With new music being recorded right now, Lumer are definitely a band to go check out when they come to a city near you!



And last but certainly not least, Vulgarians! If you ever go to a Vulgarians gig, be sure to expect some headbanging as this is a band that possess energy, life and sheer heavy rock. Vulgarians have a very psychedelic/ heavy sound which I would say could be compared to the Wytches or 80s mental newcomers, Shame, yet the Vulgarians are a little more heavier and a lot louder! Complete of Ryan on vocals, Jodie playing bass, Connor on drums and Luke on guitar, Vulgarians are a band that you’d be silly not check out.

SONG TO LISTEN TO: Lost sanity smiles
Next time you think of Hull as that rough town on the Humberside with nothing going for it, have a listen to just some of our incredible bands born and breed in good old Hull. There is no doubt about it, Hull’s band are doing us Hull people pretty proud and marking our place firmly on the map as the place to be for cracking music and sick gigs!



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