Plaza are a four piece band with a unique – but great – style of music! On the 20th January they released their new song Origami. I did a Q&A with the guys to find out a bit more about them: (ps I found out they’re funny lads)

Introduce yourselves!

Hi, we’re plaza aged between 19 and 46 (funny joke guys, they’re actually 19/20!) from a lil seaside town called Hartlepool our names are William, Matthew, Bradley and Matty.

How would you describe your music?

Our music has been described differently by lots of people, but the reoccurring theme and phrase we keep hearing is “mathy”. Obviously we can see where people get that from as we tend to base a lot of intricate tricky riffy stuff laid out over wavey tones, but if you asked us to avoid that specific pigeon hole we would say Aerosmith/Napalm Death if they grew up in the north of England.

Your single Origami is coming out this week, how would you sell the song?

Origami, hmm on the basis that I’m selling it to make money, I’d tell the customer in question that the lyrics in the song are a method of escapism, a grasp on a dimension you only venture to when your lost in your own tranquillity, a forest made of paper, the birds in the trees are crafted with your hands. and all that shite, and if that doesn’t work then I’ll walk behind them playing the melody on a tuba.

Where can we find your music?

You can find us on most popular and musical platforms – Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Babe station etc etc.

Who are your main influences in music?

Between the 4 of us, our tastes in music vary, myself personally (Will) I listen to a lot of electronic music, Matthew is a massive drum and bass head, Bradley loves joy division and Matty strictly only listens to queen. But as a collective we come to a musical consensus and find mutual loves for guitar bands that we’ve listened for a long time e.g. Foals, Radiohead, Tame Impala.

Have you got any gigs coming up?

We’ve got quiet a lot of shows already booked and a few more in the pipeline. We have a small tour in February starting in London and finishing in boro. We’ve also got a lil support slot on a uber cool tour with an extra cool band that were waiting to announce but I’m not giving any clues as to what the contents of it are.

What songs are your guilty pleasures?

Will: R Kelly – Real Talk
Brad: Gwen Stefani – Sweet Escape
Matty S: Snakehips – All My Friends
Matty N: Chelsea Dagger – Fratellis

Finally, what are your plans for the future?

Keep on keepin on. Just keep blitzing round the country playing passionate tunes to beautiful people, breaking hearts and spreading our message to the world. Got some more music recorded on ready to release and enough energy in us to keep playing shows until we’re grey and old. Hopefully not like that mush who plays drums in the Rolling Stones, he looks poorly!

Where to find Plaza:

Follow their Twitter
Find them on Spotify
Subscribe to their Youtube
Listen to their new single Origami here
And buy tickets for their tour here