In the last week, women across the world marched together in protest of Trump’s inauguration as women are STILL having to fight for their right for equality! Yet despite all the turmoil, the taste of girl power is in the air, so name a more perfect time to pick out some hot up and coming indie girl bands who ooze with coolness. Its a fact that theses babes will get more of an audience than you, Donald!

The Big Moon

Formed in early 2015, girl gang The Big Moon are capturing the heart of thousands of music lovers as the girls are pretty much the hottest up and coming band right now. The London based girls are an indie/alternative lovers dream come true, with Juliette Jackson’s entracning vocals, Soph Nathan’s seductive guitar riffs, Fern Fords immense drum clashes and Celia Archer memorizing Bass strings, The Big Moon are a band that are the first ones to add to your ‘feeling good’ playlist (come on, we’ve all got one). In just the two short years they have been together, the girls have already toured with the Vaccines, played at Radio 1’s future festival and been featured in NME countless times. With a their debut album, Love in the 4th dimension, set to be released this April, expect to hear The Big Moon on every indie playlist on Spotify as these girls are taking over the alternative world day by day!

Check out The Big Moons most recent track, ‘Hold this’:


Dream wife

With a sound that reflects 80’s punk rebellion meets modern day indie alternative, Dream Wife are arguably the biggest patriarchy warriors on the music scene right now. Named after a feminist 1953 movie, the indie/alternative girl trio possess individuality, irresistibly fashion sense and a ‘I don’t give a f**k’ attitude which is enough to get anyone turning these girls up to full blast when they come on the radio. Made up of Rakel Mjoll (lead vocals), Alice Go(guitar and vocals) and Bella Podpadec (bass and vocals), Dream Wife have a very addictive rhythm to each of their songs that are complete with delicious guitar cords, bold drum beats and feisty lyrics. Dream wife are the perfect artists to lead all men and women into the battle field to fight for equality!  

Image by @megfirthphoto


New to Leeds, comes local band, MOM. Complete of Sarah on guitar and vocals, Brooke on lead guitar, Beth on drums and Hannah on bass, MOM are an indie rock band who are a force to be reckoned with when they hit the stage. Filled with feel good vibes, MOM are exactly what you need to listen to if you are in need of a pick me up as their groovy tunes wrap you up in a glowing haze of warm lyrics, fiery drums, sweet bass sounds and delightful guitar strings. MOM very much have charming sound to them, becoming a pleasure to listen to as they invite you in more and more with every song. Not only do they sound wicked but they all look cool as heck. If you want to hear MOM at there finest, catch them at a live show and see how refreshing it is to have a girl band like this to shimmy along to.

Listen to MOM’S EP here: 

Image by @sarahoglesbyphotography


Although the title of this blog is ‘Girl gangs that are taking over the world’, we are still fighting for equality for both men and women and this last band is a group of young men that are rebelling against the male stereotype. With bleached hair, flamboyant make up and outfits that you would not find on the high street in this day and age, you can spot HMLTD from a mile off. The band have a sound of a 70s post punk band, as they trash all their instruments together in a strangely catchy amount of songs that get there small fan base into carnage. Seeing HMLTD live is like being taken back in time to an underground bar in the late 70’s where unconventional bands would play, if you haven’t seen them live them you cannot even imagine how unique this band are.


 Although things seem pretty bleak in the world of equality right now, just give these 4 bands a listen to, add them to your motivational playlist and get out there and fight for your rights!! Donald Trump, we hate you!