We chatted with Surrey quartet The Sheratones to find out more about their hopes as a band for 2017.

Hi lads! Firstly, tell us a bit about yourselves?

Hello internet we are The Sheratones from Woking and we play rock and roll music.

(Members: Matt Smith, James Fairminer, Johnny Rutter & Adam Clarke)

Where did the idea behind your name come from?

The Sheraton is the name of a guitar, which for copyright reasons we added an es to.

When did you form, and why?

Monday, around tea time. There was a lack of music around that we wanted to hear so we decided to write some.

What’s the strangest thing to happen to you guys since forming?

*alert, alert pg13 rating* We were once on the bill of a gig where a Nun played circus music on a keyboard while taking more and more clothes off.

Who are some of your influences, big or small!

The biggest influences on the band are  John, George, Paul and Ringo. Other than that let’s just say Motown and Indie.

What’s been your favourite track to record so far?

Sundance; We managed to capture a specific emotion which is sometimes tough, the lead guitar tone came out sounding really cinematic. It also helps that the recording and mixing went smoothly.

Any festivals you guys are hoping to play this year?

All of them and any of them…. please?

Any new tracks in the pipeline? an EP maybe?

Loads of demos, looking at several single releases over the year, hopefully over the summer months

Are you guys playing any gigs soon?

We have a few in the not too distant future, like our Facebook page for all the info you could ever need.

Where can people find your music online?

Bandcamp and Spotify, and ITunes

Did you have any new years resolutions, and if so, have you stuck to them?!

New Years resolution:
Get a new drummer

Describe your sound in a few words!

A melting pot of music from both sides of the Atlantic.

The Sheratones released their debut EP If Your Hearts Not In It last August which can be found on Spotify, Bandcamp and iTunes.

The lads also play a hometown gig on 9th March at The Cave at the Holly Tree.

You can find The Sheratones on the following network sites:
Facebook – www.facebook.com/thesheratones Twitter – www.twitter.com/thesheratones Instagram – @thesheratones