GIRLS AGAINST: the group of girls fighting against groping at gigs.

Meet the four teenage girls who are fighting sexual harassment at gigs. After sharing their own stories and experiences, the four girls behind Girls Against decided something needed to change.

Since the campaign was set up it’s received recognition from a huge number of bands and racked up a Twitter following of over 15,000! It was even recognised by Music Festivals in the UK including Reading & Leeds; who advertised it on the screens of some major stages.

 Girls Against support all genders and it’s clearly noted on their Twitter where their bio reads: ‘Four intersectional feminists fighting against sexual assault at gigs – here for all genders.’ this includes those who identify as trans or gender fluid.

We chatted with Bea to find out more about the campaign, their hopes for the next 12 months, and how WE can get involved!

Hiya! Could you tell us a bit about who you are and what you’re all about?

We are a campaign fighting against sexual assault and harassment at gigs, run by 4 teenagers aged 17-18. We mainly focus on spreading awareness and providing support for victims.

What was the main thing that influenced you to come up with and start up this campaign?

We were mainly influenced by the lack of representation of issues of sexual assaults at gig environments, and after all experiencing these ourselves, we thought that it needed to change!

A number of artists have got involved already as we saw in your 2016 video, but are there any others you’d particularly like to gain support from?

We’d love to gain support from some more female artists, obviously aiming big here but having Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj etc following us would be a dream.

What advice would you give to someone who has an experience of sexual harassment at a gig? What steps would you suggest they take?

We always suggest that you should try and keep together with a group at gigs for your own safety. If you do find yourself in a comfortable position, we would always suggest talking to security, but we know this is often difficult. If there are people around you, and you feel ok doing so, let them know what is happening and move away to a safer area. We hope to release a full in depth action plan soon.

Are there any gigs you’re particularly looking forward to attending this year?

For me, I’m very excited to see The Garden (as i’ve never seen them before and have heard they’re great live) but apart from that, haven’t got many lined up. Hopefully more dates will be released soon!

What are your hopes for girls against in 2017?

We want to team up with security and police to create a full action plan on how to tackle sexual assault at gigs, as well as developing leaflets giving support to victims but also how people can help those around them if they are in danger.

And finally, how can others get involved with this campaign?

Follow us on twitter and help us spread awareness! We’re always looking for extra help and the wider we can spread our message the better!

Follow Girls Against on Twitter: @girlsagainst

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