New Year New Milk

Spilt Milk Society are a four piece West Midlands indie rock outfit who have captured the continuous attention of BBC Radio 2 with their unique sound. Although their name may remind you of that ever-present smell in the back of your car from when a carton of milk tipped over, the only thing funky about these guys is their tunes. The band recently announced they would be releasing three EPs this year and their first, “I Like My Own Company”, landed today.  It consists of three songs (including Anhedonia Reprise) and is definitely different to their previous stuff, without being too much of a U-turn.


First of all I had to Google what this title meant as I had never heard the word before. “Anhedonia” is the inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities. A fitting name for a song with such emotionally tinged lyrics. “Anhedonia” is mostly built around swirling synth lines and prodding guitar riffs but takes a darker, deeper tone towards the end, leading it into the next track perfectly. The lead singer’s vocals vaguely remind me of a lower toned Harrison Koisser (Peace), both share that same wailing quality.

Mellow Yellow Lemon

Starting with a much stronger drum beat, “Mellow Yellow Lemon” has more spring in its step than the previous track. It’s all very Tame Impala here, but of course has a Spilt Milk Society stamp on it with some seriously catchy guitar action. This song is definitely my favourite of the two, I find it a lot more dynamic and youthful.


Anhedonia Reprise

The band couldn’t have chosen a better way to play out their EP in my opinion. The combination of limited, haunting vocals and moaning synths are contrasted with a punch of “Anhedonia’s” original guitar riff half way through. This reprise is a calming and complex come down for an excellent but small body of work.

Overall, I think “I Like My Own Company” has given us a taste of what’s in store from these boys. The two songs featured are an interesting example of the direction they’re taking their music in. I have a feeling this foursome can only go up and I’m hoping that they’ll get the recognition they deserve from this string of EPs to come.

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