The Hunna were like an explosion. All this energy bursting from the stage and being refracted by the passion of each crowd member. Dishing out high fives and fist bumps, not only are The Hunna noted for their spectacular stage presence, but also for their knack of keeping it real. Having queued for 4 hours outside, the night was made by lead singer Ryan Potter and guitarist Dan Dorney sneaking out of the stage door to greet the fans. By 7:30 the queue was round the block and spilling into the road, a river of anticipation, rippling with each autograph or photo from the boys. Inside, people were crammed wall to wall, and as the band appeared on stage, a crush of uproar resonated.
The set list was fantastic, and a couple of hours of shredded knees and sweaty t-shirts later, no one was left disappointed. For one of their most notable songs ‘She’s Casual’, the crowd fell silent before joining in singing and swaying to the relaxed first verse, camera lights ablaze in the darkness.  The lunacy began again with the chorus and lasted long into the night, even when the boys had left the stage. Being right at the front – clinging onto the barrier for dear life – Dan spotted us again and leaned down for a final high-five. Bassist Jermaine Angin’s perspiration soaked t-shirt ended up on the face of a girl in the crowd as people dived around to catch it. The atmosphere was electric. With an amazing first show of 2017 and a sell out tour succeeding it, The Hunna are the band to watch.