Mac Demarco has released two new songs and announced a new album, titled This Old Dog, which will be available on May 5th.  Demarco’s last album Salad Days came out in 2014, then Another One, a mini-album, was released on 2015.

The new songs; My Old Man and This Old Dog, show a new side of Demarco, with a more mellow and acoustic feeling being given off.  Additionally, the tracks seem smoother and more put together than previous albums which sported indie psychedelic, warped sounds.  My Old Man  is a song about discovering who you’ve become and This Old Dog  is about not forgetting the love you’ve had.

Listen to the tracks here:




Track List:

1. My Old Man
2. This Old Dog
3. Baby You’re Out
4. For the First Time
5. One Another
6. Still Beating
7. Sister
8. Dreams From Yesterday
9. A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes
10. One More Love Song
11. On the Level
12. Moonlight on the River
13. Watching Him Fade Away