If you haven’t heard yet, Hull is this year’s City Of Culture. However it is not just the fantastic events that are occurring over the city during 2017 that is attracting thousands of new visitors, but it is Hulls emerging bands and artists that are putting this under-rated city on the map.


A lot of Hull bands are given a lot of recognition by the press and social media recently, yet it is not often that we heard of some of the up and coming solo artists that Hull has to offer, one of these being the 17 year old singer and guitarist, Elizabeth Pickering. Despite only being 17, this student has accomplished so much in so little time; having already sang live on Beverly Radio, played at Hull’s notorious Humber Street Sesh and performed at almost every venue in Hull, the time has come for Elizabeth Pickering to be recognized as one of the cities most talented and gifted emerging soloists.


It is not only Elizabeth’s angelic voice and soothing guitar chords that are what makes her one of the most original artists to grace the Hull music scene at the moment, its the sheer lyrical talent and composing skills that this girl possesses. Her music is pure, thoughtful and creative as Elizabeth sings each of her own songs with emotion and passion. One of the artists most popular songs continues to be, ‘Take off you colours’, a warm song in which Elizabeth’s incredible vocal range, wholehearted lyrical writing and skilful guitar playing are really present. Even if you don’t know any of Elizabeth’s catchy and cheerful numbers, her covers are just as unique and individual.


Elizabeth Pickering creativeness and originality is what is getting this girl to the top of the the Hull music scene. It is advised to catch her while you can, it wont be long before this young girl is performing to the masses.


Sarah Oglesby