Luckily, I had the opportunity to listen to the new EP from popular upcoming band WAX COLOUR. The band are well known throughout twitter and are certainly going to be something special. My thoughts will be expressed about their EP and delivering key information to know about the band.


The 9-song Ep starting with ‘Crude’ which begins with a repetitive simple beat until a sudden harsh sound bursts with positivity. It creates a jazzy feel until it soothes for the vocals to kick in. The strong Essex accent singing to enable a comfortable and meaningful song. It is an absolute tune to start with and sets the perfect scene for the rest of the EP.

Another track, known as ‘Runaway Baby’ plays with a quiet and peaceful beat portraying sad feelings. Until an abrupt punitive sound, strikes through after the first verse which allows a deep connection with the song. The constant patterns of pitch contrasts with the positively painful chords which work well and reflect upon the pure meaning behind the lyrics.

The harmonizing of the instruments within the intro of a track called ‘Dreamz’ foreshadows the song to be quite fun and ironically dream-like. The sound combination allows the song to flow and potentially show a constant train of thought. It is a tune which expresses heavenly aspects as the chords are gentle and pleasing to the ear. The track name symbolises the past as when involved with somebody it probably felt like the best thing ever, yet when reminded, it was the complete opposite. It suggests the idea that you enjoy a dream yet when it’s over you do not cherish it.

WAX COLOUR have formed an amazing piece of work which deserves to be heard by all. It depicts each member’s talent and combines it to produce an overall fantastic EP.



The track list for DIY EP is below:



  • 18th March – Manchester [to buy click here]
  • 14th April – Cambridge [to buy click here]



You can listen to the new EP by downloading it for free on Friday by visiting However limited CDs and merchandise are available to pre-order and buy whenever.

Written by: Beth Gardner