With songs entitled ‘Devil Like Me’ and ‘Cocaine Jesus’ it’s hard to believe Rainbow Kitten Surprise have anything in common with cute animals and sparkles, but their catchy strumming patterns and chord progressions do hold an element of magic.

The five-piece indie-rock band are most noted for their 2013 album ‘Seven’, and although fairly new to the music scene, have already captured the hearts of many. Their sound is described as having ‘deep lyrical meaning, beautifully designed bass lines, and melodic guitar riffs’ all while being catchy enough to stick on at a party and dance the night away.


‘First Class’, a song taken from the 2013 album ‘Seven’ has a relaxed vibe exploring the themes of desire and ambition, in a way that is relatable and encouraging. The explicit nature of their music adds to its reliability, giving a down-to-earth feel.

‘All That and More’ is uplifting, with a subtle bass line and top notes of anticipation, encouraging feelings of happiness and zen. This laid-back tone is arguably what has made their music so popular recently.

Albums ‘Seven’ and ‘RKS’ can be found here.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise are currently touring the U.S., with shows in Missouri, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida and Texas. Tour Info Here