REVIEW: Meat On My Bones by Bad Sounds

Contrary to what their name suggests, Bad Sounds are an electro/indie/hip-hop band (seriously how do I describe their genre?!), whose songs are catchy and enjoyable.  I had the pleasure of seeing Bad Sounds support Rat Boy back in September, and ever since I’ve loved their music.  Moreover, the crowd loved them too and the venue was filled with good vibes during their set; resulting in an energetic crowd.

The quintet from Bath have just released their new song; Meat On My Bones, and I’m loving the familiarity of the upbeat groovy tune, much alike their other songs.  Last Friday Meat On My Bones was Radio 1 DJ MistaJam’s hottest record in the world.

The song starts with an electric guitar riff, which actually reminds me of The 1975’s introduction to The Sound!  The lyrics are complex using words like ‘oesophagus’ and ‘sarcophagus’; which is actually a stone coffin used in ancient Greek and Egyptian times.  The theme of death is mentioned a few times throughout, however this isn’t apparent as the whole song comes across as vibrant and funky.  You could certainly dance to this tune!  I can’t wait to hear more of Bad Sounds in the future.

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