The high-voltage Hidden Charms last night returned to The Magnet in Liverpool as part of their UK tour. A mere “about 3 people” watched them in the very same venue, back then they were forging their way into the scene in the North, now they have an entourage of material laden with synth energy and aggression. They’re a group of lads out to impress, animated on stage with the use of everything from maracas to a rubber penguin mask donned by Josh Lewis on guitar.

It is those maracas that sit aside a powerful drumbeat and grooving bass guitar that provide the basis for most of their work. Dreaming Of Another Girl, first up, matches this formula. Left Hand Man is the song that got the crowd going in The Magnet, it sounds like the lovechild of Tame Impala and The Black Keys, rocky and dynamic, they seemed to enjoy it too. Harder From Here samples a popular acoustic formula and the crowd falls silent to observe lead vocalist and guitarist Vincent Davies, a brilliant part of the set.

The penguin/guitarist appears for the penultimate song, I Don’t Mind, plenty of the crowd can’t help but smile as the birds head bops to the left of the stage amongst otherwise concentrating members of the band. They won’t be blamed for a lack of concentration during I Just Wanna Be Left Alone, however. The front sections of the crowd couldn’t hold themselves to invade the stage, band and fans together and the 6 words that title the song are repeated and repeated until the lights dim on an exhilarating night.

There are certainly 6 or 7 tracks suitable for an album there, and I won’t be at all surprised if we’re treated with one later this year, they’re signed to Deltasonic. Yep, the same label as <a href=””>The Vryll Society</a>, no prizes for guessing that one. What an exciting time that label have in store.