After forming in 2013 NO HOT ASHES have been making their mark on the Manchester music scene; supporting the likes of Blossoms, Spring King & The Amazons, along with playing a number of huge sellout headline shows.

Photography: Justin Garner

With their previous tracks Cool Cat, Goose and Easy Peeler racking them up a number of listens on SpotifyNo Hot Ashes are back with the release of their latest single Bellyaches.

Much like their other singles Bellyaches is an energetic bop which consists largely of synth-pop melodies and catchy rhythms. From the opening of the track there is a clear influence from fellow Stockport locals Blossoms; while the track still has its own unique edge. Throughout the chorus Isaac’s strong vocals are largely accompanied by funky riffs and upbeat backing vocals; compiling to give off a groovy, 1980s vibe.

The band worked on the track with producer Gavin Monaghan who’s collaborated with the likes of The Editors, Ocean Colour Scene & JAWS. 

Discussing the meaning behind the track, No Hot Ashes told us: ‘Bellyaches was an exploration of how you get drunk on no budget; and then how you get home; and then the bellyaches you get the day after.’

Bellyaches only further highlights the talent from this prospective quartet who have already built up a massive following that will only continue to grow.

You can find the track across all major platforms including Spotify & iTunes. Physical copies & merch can be found here.

No Hot Ashes have a number of gigs coming up including sell-out dates in Manchester and Blackburn, see the full set of dates below:


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Featured Image (Artwork): Florensbur