Hi all, it’s Kaia again, only this week I’m extra excited to be able to write this blog, as I’m introducing a new and quite frankly amazing band, Vivacity. The young Essex-born alternative 5-piece have been increasing rapidly in popularity, recently having played several gigs including Chinnery’s pub in Southend-on-Sea. I’m lucky enough to have met a couple of them at a Ratboy gig in Rayleigh a while back, and after keeping in contact, decided to interview them all about Vivacity and their music.


Introduce yourselves and what instrument you play within Vivacity.

Connor Winston – Lead Vocals and Guitar

Anna Campbell – Vocals and Guitarc5hvvviwqaijgwg


Stanley Lodge – Guitar

Joe Reeves – Bass Guitar

Dan Payne – Drums


Where did you guys meet and how long have you been together as a band?

Stanley – Me, Joe and Connor met at a Ratboy gig.

Anna – I met Connor ages ago and we started making music together.

Connor – Me and Joe met up cos we because we wanted a McDonald’s.

Joe – Yeah, then me and Anna met at a year 7 disco.

Dan – I met Connor through school, then we went to our first band practice and that’s where I met the rest of you guys.


Who are your influences, favourite bands and people you aspire to sound like?

Connor – We like Arctic Monkeys, obviously!

Dan – And foals, they’re cool.c49ffwmwcaechma

Joe – Yeah, I like foals…and catfish

Anna – I love a bit of Mac Demarco

Stan – yeah, I like everything like that.


What’s your biggest accomplishment so far, as a group?

Joe – Pretty much selling out Chinnerys with Blush and then being asked to play again the same day. That was pretty cool.


Who write your music and how do you find inspiration?

Connor – I write all our stuff. It sounds deep but…when I write songs, like a love song or whatever, I don’t necessarily write from personal experience. For me, it’s about finding a certain emotion and channelling it into a song, and exaggerating your personal experiences…like, no one has ever wanted to shoot me literally like in our song ‘wild beasts’.


Who’s the funniest in your group and why?

Joe – Me.

Anna – I think we’re all funny in our own ways!!

Dan – Yeah, and Anna and Connor are constantly hyper!

Connor – You 3 just have the driest sense of humour!

Stan – Connor is mainly the centre of our jokes. We really just take the piss out of him…


Last question guys, any advice for other small, young and upcoming indie bands?

Dan – Find a sound that is you and never try to sound like someone else, be unique, after all that’s kinda the point of indie!

Stan – Yeah, I totally agree with that…

Connor – I think use social media as a platform…

Joe – Yeah… put everything online, on twitter, Instagram and Facebook so people get to know you a bit!

Anna – Yeah, and just stick with it!


I really really love these guys, they have such an amazing sound for a group of people who aren’t really that much older than me. I have a lot of admiration for them. Go check out their twitter account (@vivacityband_) and their Instagram (vivacityband), they’ve got some sick videos and photos of their recent gigs.

These guys are destined for great things. Watch out for Vivacity, and when they start selling out Brixton, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Kaia // @kaia1975