If you haven’t heard of Little Comets then I suggest you go give them a listen.  I am in love with their indie tunes which make me want to chill out yet somehow dance at the same time! On 9th February I went to see them live at O2 Academy2 Oxford, which just so happened to be the first night of their 13 date tour.

Eliza and the Bear started off the evening and helped to liven up the crowd.  I loved the way that their songs made everyone dance and bop along.  Then they mentioned something about Truck Fest; which caused the crowd to get excited, however it just turns out the were asking for an invitation to perform there!  Their humorous and enthusiastic personality and stage presence help to hype everyone up for the main act.


When Little Comets finally appeared on stage an electric feeling filled the venue.  Everyone started to dance and let themselves be free in the moment – the atmosphere was great.  The crowd sang along to every song and I could tell how passionate the fans were about this band.  Little Comets performed many of their greatest songs including A Little Opus, Jennifer (one of my personal faves), and Joanna.  I enjoyed how they performed some of their new songs, and as it was the first night of tour it was the first time they had been played to a live crowd!

Finally, the bad from Tyne and Wear finished their set with one of their most popular and energetic songs – Dancing Song.  As soon as the familiar intro started to play the crowd was jumping up and down and singing along to every lyric.  It was an ecstatic end to the evening, with the audience leaving with smiles upon their faces.


Catch them on the last few dates of their tour in March, you can get tickets here.

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