Sundara Karma’s debut album ‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’ emerged earlier this year; a confident and somewhat spectacular first album. Now their biggest gig to date faced them at the London venue, Shepherds Bush Empire, the stage beckoning them.

The night began with the psychedelic-rock four-piece, ‘Palm Honey’. A buzz was original created around this band after they supported YAK, yet they seem to be going from strength to strength, landing some of their own gigs later this year, as well as a confirmed festival appearance at Blissfields 2017.


Following this, the wonderful ‘Will Joseph Cook’. His catchy, pop sound with some undoubtedly indie elements filled the room with a vibrant atmosphere, ultimately leading to a little boogie from many. His latest single ‘Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine)’ was released just days before his support to Sundara Karma, and was an instant hit amongst the crowd, with the slow build of sound at the beginning, acclimatising into an impressive hook that, although slightly repetitive in its usage of the title’s parentheses, is infectious.


Then came the main event: Sundara Karma.

The hyped-up crowd didn’t have to wait long until Ozzy Lulu embarked onto the stage, alongside fellow band members, Haydn Ashley (drums), Ally Batty (guitar) and Dom Cordell (bass) before kick-starting their 15-track set.

Opening with ‘A Young Understanding’ hailed a great response from the crowd, as this well-loved track appeared originally in 2016, before its secondary release on their debut album.

‘Flame’ and ‘Watching From Great Heights’ were performed shortly after, two of my favourite tracks. The feeling as the crowd chanted back, “Hold my flame and set alight / Hold my fire screaming inside / Hold my flame and set alight / Hold my fire screaming inside out”, was honestly electric, and something I daresay I’ll never forget.

Although all their tracks were played with such energy and enthusiasm, and appreciated by all, I have to say their performance of ‘She Said’ was outstanding.

It was at this point that it became evident to me that their relatable lyrics, uplifting riffs and catchy choruses were essential in attracting the youthful, happy audience that they had. It becomes clear that many of the band’s songs are a perfect representation of lots of the audience members’ youth, allowing them to resonate and connect fully with their music.

The energy and enthusiasm inside the venue was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. This band, with their youthful optimism and their infectious music, bring plenty new to the table, and I am hopeful that they have more to share with us in the future.


Sundara Karma are booked for an impressive array of festivals this summer, making it hard to miss them! Check them out at:

  • Dot to Dot
  • Barn on the Farm
  • Blissfields
  • Truck Festival
  • Y Not Festival
  • Reading and Leads

Find out more at:


Written by Harriet / @yellowdaffodilx