The big red sold out stamp covered the Liverpool date of The Amazons extensive UK tour, they’ve pulled out all the stops to be just about everywhere in the country this Spring, whilst I type they’ll be making the trip across to Dublin, before heading up to Belfast and back across to England for another set of dates – they’ve good reason to as well, last night in the Buyers Club the packed out venue was treated to an energetic set from The Amazons.

A word first though about support band Cupids. Hailing from Oldham, it was great to see so many had got into the venue early to watch their set. Equally, the band that describe themselves as providing, ‘heavy rhythm based songs with flashes of serenity’, were appreciative of the turnout. Ryan, Sid, Jake and James are releasing their brand new single ‘Good Things Come (To Those Who Wait)’ at Jimmy’s in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, and it’s no surprise to see that tickets have flown out and the gig is now sold out, you can see the video here though. ‘Heaven Knows Me Know’ strikes shades of a Pizzorno-led Kasabian track, last song ‘Money’ blows the cobwebs of the oldest bottle on the top shelf of the bar – it is especially impossible to ignore. They’re out and about in April, too, find their dates on their website,

After just enough time to take a breath, The Amazons enter with opener ‘Stay With Me, the ginger locks of front man Matt Thomson partially cover a powerful voice from a mouth that can’t help crack a smile as sections of the crowd scream back lyrics to ‘Ultraviolet’. They’re from Reading and are signed to Fiction Records (the same label as The Maccabees will end their career with), they released new track ‘Black Magic’ last month. A song about, “when someone doesn’t feel the same anymore… cheery for a Monday night”, it asserts itself on the crowd in a contrasting, explosive style.

They’ve recorded, let’s say, an album’s worth of high-quality songs, and murmurs of exactly that appear between songs – they’re a band on a high. A taste of something fresh from the minds of these lads in ‘Raindrops’, the advice from the band; “if you don’t like it, well, just lie…”, I don’t think many needed to. By the time ‘In My Mind’, the penultimate song, is performed The Amazons have people bouncing on shoulders, when last song ‘Junk Food Forever’ appears there’s a atmosphere like a band has grown tenfold in the space of 10 songs. Those who weren’t already fans will be upon their exit, the merch stand at the back is a whole lot busier than it was at 8 o’clock.

They’re back in Liverpool for Sound City in the Summer. There, they’ve an opportunity (that I don’t doubt they’ll grab with both hands) to get more fans in their ‘tribe’ for an exciting free-spirited ride.