Liverpool four piece Circa Waves played a short acoustic set in HMV Liverpool One to promote the release of their new album ‘Different Creatures’.

The band’s second LP features singles ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Fire That Burns’ and the album emphasises the growth of Circa Waves since their debut album in 2015.

Frontman Kieran Shudhall led a short question and answer, revealing his favourite song from the album is ‘Out On My Own’, bass guitarist Sam Rourke’s favourite Beatle is George, too.

They played:

Goodbye, Fire That Burns, Old Friends, T-Shirt Weather.

The band stayed to sign copies of their new album, released last Friday and I got chance to ask them a very important question:

So lads, you’re albums had a few listeners over the weekend, but who in the world would you most like to be singing Different Creatures in the shower?

Sam: (I’d barely finished the question) Tom Jones, yep, Tom Jones

Colin: Tom Waits..?

Joe: Tom Jones is a good one!

Kieran: (mulling over his answer) Dave Grohl for me, air guitar and all.

Colin: Tom Hanks!

So if you’re reading, Tom Hanks, you can find the album on Spotify here.

That’s all I have to say about that.