If you are yet to hear of the The Hubbards, you are missing out. Having just dropped a beauty of a new track, ‘Just Touch’, the born and bred Hull lads  are the ones to watch out for this year as they climb their way  higher and higher up the indie music scene.

With the song kicking in straight away with choppy  bass strings, groovy guitar chords, a delicious drum beat, and the melodious vocals of front man Reuben, the echoing dreamy lyrics ‘I can do what you want me to just reach out and touch me’ pull you in right from the off. As the song cracking song progresses, all elements of the band merge together in a  frenzy of musical goodness, making it impossible not to catch yourself tapping along to the lads infectious rhythm.

‘Just Touch’ presents the sheer talent of this small town band, and is just one example as to why these lads will be blasting out off your radio in the months to come!

You can download ‘Just Touch’ at the end of this month on the 31st of March, or check them out on their tour of the UK this March and April! Don’t miss out!



Sarah Oglesby