Having sold out the venue as they tour with Topman, Peace sent Leeds’ Stylus into complete carnage with their indie tunes. Despite being off the scene for  years now, the Worchester lads performance showed just how Peace will never be kicked off the popularity scale. With support from rising artist, Will Joseph Cook, Peace gave a legendary gig for all those who had the chance to attend.

Kicking off the night, Will Joseph Cook wowed the crowd with his catchy mellow tunes, getting the  crowd into a hazy state as they danced along. Having just recently toured with Sundara Karma, got an album set to be released in April, and about to venture on his own tour of the UK and Europe this May, the indie style singer is catching the ears of more and more people with his infectious feel good tunes. With a fair few people singing along with Cook, the artist was very much the calm before the storm as Peace took to the stage.


As  soon as Peace emerged onto the stage, the crowd exploded into a giant mosh pit as  the lads belted out ‘Higher than the sun’, the first song from their first album.With half the crowd on the floor and sweat dripping off everyone just by the first song, it was clear that this was going to be no average gig. Peace then moved onto to play a couple of songs from their most recent album Happy people, with ‘Lost on me’, ‘Money’, ‘Perfect Skin’ and ‘I’m A Girl’, causing the crowd to breaking out into none stop mosh pits as each and every gig goer sang the words back to the band.

With the crowd pretty much worn out by this point, Peace decided to give their fans a bit of a breathers with a Binary Finary cover, ‘1998 (delicious)‘. The hazy song was a perfect example as to why Peace are up there with some of the most grooviest bands of the present day as the audience swayed along. This was of course was until frontman Harry Kiosser’s guitar picked up the pace and the crowd were back at it yet again, thrashing along to the band’s tune.

Complete of a night of both funky songs from the album ‘Happy people’, and timeless classics from ‘In Love’, the lads wrapped up the night with a more recent song, ‘World Pleasure’. For one last time, Peace shook Leeds union with their immense sounds as their loyal fans gave it their all. With people flying about left right and centre, World Pleasure was a unforgettable song to mark the end a mind-blowing night.

Rumour has it that Peace are currently in the process of making new music, keeping your eyes peeled people!

Words: Sarah Oglesby