The Stoke boys are back with a brand new single which is set to increase their ever growing fanbase

It’s not often you think about Stoke-on-Trent and when you do there isn’t much that immediately springs to mind. I mean, apart from being a polycentric city with a rich history of pottery, coal mining and Robbie Williams, there’s not a great deal else that comes to thought.

Thankfully that’s where RINSE comes in, a band that is sure to become the first thing you think of when Stoke is mentioned. The quartet, from the pottery capital of England, has been tipped for success since their formation in 2014 and their new single still wouldn’t call can only help that prediction.

The gritty guitar riffs set the tone for the whole of their new tune, which is an intriguing mix of melancholy and defiance. By that I mean, you can hear the sadness and despair through the chords of the guitar, lyrics and in some respects the beat. But you overwhelmingly feel an aura of defiance as the vocals plead to assure the listener that he ‘won’t call’.

Around one minute fifteen seconds in you’re hooked, and can begin to hear the influences for RINSE’s sound seeping through; with a very similar bridge to Catfish and the Bottlemens, 7. The tune concludes in the same manner it started, sombre and edgy but with the accolade of describing one man’s roaring persistence of not giving his ex the time of day.

Overall it’s a very well written track whose lyrics paint the picture perfectly, making this a very catchy anthemic rock ballad. If anyone can do it in a cold rainy night in Stoke, it’s these guys. Or as  Far Out Magazine said: “It won’t be long until they’re common knowledge.” Watch this space.

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