Restyled and sounding fresh, Liverpool’s own Circa Waves played a non-stop, exhilarating set at Liverpool’s Guild of Students on Friday night. The band have recently released their second album, ‘Different Creatures’, which was launched to the public by a host of intimate gigs at HMV stores around the country, including Liverpool a couple of weeks back.

It is the first single from that album that kicks off the night ‘Wake Up’, and what proceeded was an exhibition of music and energy combined to create an atmosphere that reflected the youth of the crowd. They market themselves well, and it’s no surprise to see fresh faces make up the majority of the audience, they form mosh pits for the combination of ‘Get Away’ and ‘So Long’, both are on the mark and sound huge. The red backdrop of the new album’s artwork provides a romantic visual to ‘Out On My Own’, which gives chance for a breather and also to enjoy Kieran Shudhall’s on-form vocals.

Shudhall appears in front of drummer Colin Jones, who can’t avoid commendation for his part in the evening. There may be heavier guitar emphasis on the new record, but Jones leads the live sound with explosive combinations like a certain Scouse boxer pulled together not too long ago. He’s eventually the last off stage, and reaches into the crowd to celebrate a great gig.

‘Fossils’ and ‘Stuck In My Teeth’ are highlights of the second half of the set, before an encore that features ‘Fire That Burns’ which may be the most popular from ‘Different Creatures’ thus far. Friday afternoon had seen Liverpool bathe in Spring sunshine, and beer gardens had been frequented until the evening – so it was a nice context for final song ‘T Shirt Weather’ to complete the night. Back to front, words are sung towards the band and the floor ascends into chaos, it’s not a set-saver by any means though, and what will be most remembered about this gig is the quality of the live performances of Circa Waves’ new material.