We chatted with Stoke-on-Trent quintet RELEASE to find out more about their single The INEVITABLE and them as a band, heres what we had to talk about…

Hiya! Firstly, tell us a bit about you guys?

We’re an alternative 5 piece from stoke on trent. We include drums, bass, guitar, vocals, synth and violin. Our influences are all over the shop; From Radiohead to Jamie T to Coldplay to The Sex Pistols To The Streets To Kendrick Lemar. Best way to be I reckon.

Where did the idea behind your name come from?

It came from the idea of our energy in our performances and music. Music is a lot of peoples release from the dull, mind numbing process of working life and we wanna be a band who provide that for the masses if that be possible.

How did you guys all meet?

Ah we met at college mainly i suppose, a few of us knew eachother from previous bands n being on the scene when we were younger.

Did any artists particularly influence your track ‘The INEVITABLE’?

Now youre askin’ me. Me and aaron (who plays bassoon) wrote it cos we were bored as f*** in College once. We only wrote the Synth melody and the initial guitar though and it reminded us initially of something like if Foals and The Streets had a baby. The track evolved into something along the line of if The Killers adopted that baby and raised it as their own i reckon, but i dont like to compare artists or music really if i can help it!. But yeah, I suppose if there were influences then it’d probably be them three haha.

Where is it available to listen to? Are there any physical copies?

Its available on soundcloud and YouTube which is where our video is found for the track n all, if you wanted to have a butchers then it’d be much appreciated. There aren’t any physical copies available at the moment but if you gave us a message with your address then im sure we can send you something in the post.

Have you got any releases in the pipeline for the near future?

Well we’ve not told anyone this yet actually but we’re currently recording a few tracks at the moment at a top recording studio in Stoke called Riff Factory. I reckon you can expect a ‘release’ (bud um tssss) in the very near future so peel them eyes

Have you got any gigs lined up?

Gigs we can announce at the moment are a few very exciting ones:
  • 18th May @ Great Escape Festival in Brighton
  • 20th May @ The Deaf Institute
  • 14th July @ Alsager Music Festival
We’ll have many more dates to announce over the coming weeks but this is all we can say at the moment!

If you could play the main stage of any festival, what one would you pick?

I’d say Glasto, its the dream innit. Prestigious and would just be an absolute dream and honour to grace that stage. Its like the equivalent of getting to the FA Cup final or The Champions League.

Describe your sound!

Edge of your seat Velumptiously energetic choons.

Cheers guys!

If you wanna find out more, check out the music video for The INEVITABLE below, and follow them on Twitter: