New York’s QTY yesterday released their latest single ‘Ornament’, an exhibition of songwriting quality that strikes shades of early Julian Casablancas.

The intro immediately casts my mind to Blur’s ‘Tender’, until the complimenting sound of vocalist Alex Niemetz and the deeper tone of Dan Lardner. Alex sounds like she belongs in a fiery Wolf Alice and their signing with Dirty Hit previous to their first live performance, which came about much later in the process than many other bands. They’ve recorded two of their songs in London.

‘Ornament’ is given its kick with a shuddering drum backbeat, built upon with a lead guitar that I’ll say again, wouldn’t be out of place on ‘Is This It’.

Alas, they’ll provide much needed lyrical distraction for those over the pond, should they appear in the UK any time soon, fans of Noah and The Whale might also be interested, should you fancy Lisa liking brandy and the way it hits her lips, except Lisa is in leather and the brandy is a quad.

Listen on YouTube.