The rock duo royal Blood are back with an explosive track called ‘Lights Out’.  The single was released on April 13th; two and a half years after the release of their self-titled debut album back in 2014.  It has also been announced that the band will release their second album, named ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’, on June 16th.

The intro to ‘Lights Out’ certainly fits Royal Blood’s recognisable sound and style, a fierce bass and steady but strong drum introduce the song alongside singer Mike’s clear vocals.  It’s nice to hear the familiarity in this song, and the band haven’t succumbed to any mainstream music trends; they know how to make good music and they’ve stuck with it.

The chorus is memorable and the lyrics have a deeper meaning.  The lines “You’re not so hard to forget, With all the lights out” are saying that despite all this girl’s beauty, she doesn’t possess any other memorable qualities.  The bridge is a heavy drum solo that drops into a fierce but funky bass solo; a slightly new sound from Royal Blood.

Royal Blood are a band that proves that less can be more (in terms of instruments), with their simple and brilliant rock songs always proving to be quality.  ‘Lights Out’ has certainly impressed us all and leaves us excited for their new album.  You can see the band on their tour next month, read about it here.

Watch the ‘Lights Out’ video here.

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Words by Jodie Aikman